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ShifTopperz Eaton Fuller Custom Shifter Adapters

ShifTopperz by Twisted Shfiterz. 100% Made in the USA. The one and only original to use a real threaded shift knob on an air type truck shifter. Choose from all options for Eaton Fuller air type shifters. 1 part number for 9-10 spd, 1 number covers all Super 10, 13, 18 and all LL type from 9LL to 15 spd. Adapter only, adapter kit with extra chrome covers or the SuperKit already assembled with an adapter on a new Eaton Fuller shift valve plus the extra covers. Choose from chrome or black anodized.

This is the original Made in the USA threaded adapter for air shifters. Anything eles is a fake copy - Get the Original. Say NO to China

Finish your custom shifter installation with our Billet Super Sleeve shift tower cover in Chrome or black. Made to fit correctly on OE Eaton Fuller shift valve handles and look the best! Available on all kits and SuperKits as listed below.

Our adapter replaces the top black plastic portion of the OEM handle. Fits 'sloped' type ergonomic style handles, not for older 'D' shaped (see SuperKits). Includes new hardware and instructions. Top of our adapter accepts any of our shift knobs and others with 1/2-13 threads.

Kits include adapter and chrome covers.

SuperKits include the Kit, for chrome, adapter for black, plus a new Eaton Fuller shift valve handle already complete with the adapter installed. Perfect for old worn out shift handles and for older style 'D' shaped Eaton Fuller handles. Also, the SuperKit allows easy installation without needing to disassemble your stock one and chance losing the small parts which make up the splitter portion (small springs, detent ball and rubber seals) which are not available. You will reuse existing airline fittings from old valve to the new valve as there are varying airline sizes used over the years.