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Shift Pattern Shift Knobs

Choose from the following 3 4 5 6 speed shift pattern shift knobs. Standard is 2-1/8" diameter. 1-7/8" as noted. Choose thread size for standard shift knobs. Corvette-Muncie knobs made with 9/16 recessed threads for lockout. C4-C5 Corvette 9/16 flush threads. Subaru, BRZ and FRS 6 speed recessed 12-1.25 thread for rev. collar. 2015-23 Mustang made with recessed thread for factory rev. collar. All patterns available in all color round shift knobs. Standard pattern engraved, paint filled. Qualifier pattern either inlaid (smooth) or engraved. In stock options on left under shift pattern drop down. Build your own Option on Main Shift Pattern Page - Choose knob type, size, color and shift pattern type, style, color. Contact us for more details.