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Custom Canes

One Legger Cane Company offers the largest selection of unique canes found anywhere. Choose from milled aluminum in polished or powder coated and select wood canes. Top yours off with your choice of thousands of handles from chrome to logos, emblems and more. Step out in style. Get there with One Legger Cane Company.

Standard length for all canes is 36" plus height of your selected top/handle. Shorter sizes available, add a note of just overall height needed. For your ideal cane length measure from the floor to the bend of your wrist while standing straight with arm naturally bent slightly. All include a steel reinforced rubber tip. Add choice of cane to cart with your choice of top/handle added to cart. All are canes only. Not sold separately.

Cane weights: Super Duty Smoothy: 2 lbs-2oz. Super Duty Ventilator: 1lb-10 oz. Heavy Duty Smoothy: 13 oz. Heavy Duty Ventilator: 10 ounces. All weights are cane only, plus choice of handle/shift knob.