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image of Jeep JL Transfer Case 4x4 Shif Knobs and Adapters

Twisted ShifterZ

Jeep JL Transfer Case 4x4 Shift Knobs and Adapters

Twisted Shifterz JEEP JL Gladiator transfer case 4x4 Shift Knobs and Adapters. American Made and thousands of options. Fits 2018 and newer Jeep JL model and Gladiator. Order the adapter needed for 6 speed manual, automatic and transfer case with any applicable shift knob -

Select the shift knob you would like from all series shown under Shift Knob heading at top of page then select the adapter in the drop down thread/fitment list on each knob and add to cart. See all options under each series and under shift patterns, billet and heavyweight options and the links on these pages.


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