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1 Ball Yellow Billiard Shift Knob

Twisted ShifterZ

1 Ball Yellow Billiard Shift Knob

1 Ball Solid Yellow Billiard Shift Knob . 2-1/4" Diameter. NOT ALL BILLIARD KNOBS ARE AS PICTURED New production is no black circle- number is knob color. This change due to time constraints in manufacturing..


12V Momentary Switch Spcl Order Option Adds 6 wks-See The Listed Series For In Stock First. 2-1/8, 2-1/4 round only with standard flush threads only. N/A with built in adapters or recessed threads (2010 up Camaro, C6-C7 Vette, 2015 up Mustang, Subaru-BRZ, Muncie, etc.

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